Mulefoot Hogs

An American heritage breed in critical state of extinction. The United States has lost 15 breeds of pigs since the early 1900's. In fact these pigs are so rare that they are in the Queens' Zoo in New York.

There name is derived from there foot which is uncloven. They are a wonderful tasting hog.  Known as a lard pig they have a high fat content which gives them real good marbling which yields excellent hams. There meat is red and not white like commercially bred pigs.

In March of 2009 Mulefoot pork won a taste test sponsored by the ALBC, Humane Farm Animal Care, and Slow Food, USA. These groups are committed to saving heritage breed genetics.

This meat is dense but not tough, red in color like beef meat. It melts in your mouth and not anemic looking like store bought meat.

We sell breeding stock as well as meat.


Meat Chart: